updates? and empty promises

updates (if you can call it that) from the creator of duckspin.avi

the part of the Qna ask what i will add to the website is true yk "well i havent fully learned HTML and CSS (the 2 coding programs used for this website) so im going to add things as a learn. like this QnA thingy lol" coding is a fun hobby of mine so i dont really get the time to add all the things i want to add. things will constantly be updating lol

i might be adding somesort of arg to the website ngl, it would be fun

to the people who actually gave me their address on the google form youre now permantly in the code <3

!!!online safety kiddos online safety!!!

the "arg" is less of a arg and more of a weird website rabbit hole

okay so like i forgot that this existed lmao, hopefully we will have updates soon :p

im back :) i am updating the website and its subpages rn, reload pages to see the updates!!!

remember i do this in my free time guys

i hate children